Posted by: Aba Cohen | June 23, 2009

forEVERyWHEREism = Bohr+Einstein+Heisenberg

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Paradoxically the Web (meaning internet + mobile phones + GPS + all the other systems and gadgets of the new media network)  produces practical effects that suggest the squeezing of Einstein between Bohr and Heisenberg, blending their theories in a remarkable virtual reality. The phenomenon called “foreverism”  –june 2009 trendwatching– condenses in a single word a wide spectrum from the “never ripe creations”  to the necessity of the internet users to apprehend space and time in their machines, engulfing simultaneously features such as “here + there + everywhere”  together with “present + past + future”.

As Suzana Cohen has so appropriately described in her blog, provoking my comment there, such a fluid tendency induces comparisons involving the conjunction of unmixable authorities of Modern Physics: Einstein, with the General Theory of Relativity (space-time-gravity fusion), and Bohr-Heisenberg with the Quantum Mechanics (quantum entanglement supporting a non-local reality).

In the referred post Suzana mentions the aim of many internet users to have HERE and NOW all their friends of the present (monitoring and observing their steps by GPS on their mobile’s screens) as well as the past  fellows that they haven’t seen for decades (on the social network sites). You don’t  have to go further to affirm that a sort of SPACE-TIME FUSION is really happening there,  inside a single machine.

On the other hand, the virtual presence of such a powerful observer -as a participant of the social networks- is also inevitably spread out on the whole Planet,  and to a certain extent, within a NON-LOCAL REALITY resembling  that proposed by Quantum Mechanics (quantum entanglement). This reflects an “instantaneous omnipresence” throughout the Web.

While the speed of light is still kept as a preserved limit (in nature) and the non-locality is still a virtual feature (in the Web), this subject ought to be thought and developed: Our newest “fluid trend” demands the simultaneity of being  forEVER-EVERyWHERE. This induces us to forge a new concept of  “forEVERyWHEREism”, merging SPACETIME+NONLOCALITY in a single machine, for the real world of the fortunate Web users.


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